Drunk with Power tells the story of a confused young man suffering a debilitating hangover; that is until he discovers he has superpowers. In three minutes, our protagonist arrogantly flaunts his new found superhero abilities to a small crowd of onlookers but in turn discovers a terrifying truth about himself.

Saturday, 28 February 2009


A little experiment, about an hour to mock this one up. Still uncertain about layout design for shots of the city, created this washy approach as a test for this part of the film. Needs more detail/contrast, this one's probably about half complete, but its conveniently simple and wouldn't take much time to colour a bunch of layouts this way.

EDIT: Continued work on this image, bigger palette, more detail. Still not happy wiff eet.

EDIT The Second: Small adjustments to lighting, we'll call this good enough


Sunday, 15 February 2009


Last one of these I'll post for a while, got some serious amounts of animating to be decimated, so colouring layouts moves lower in the order of things. Pleased with this one, took too long and my eyes are bleeding, but it'll do.

Debris from ceiling will be animated to floor in case anyone wonders where all the ceiling went.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Opening Sequence Layouts

Figured I'd post these now before I call them complete, just in case I've missed anything. Conveniently, the opening 30 seconds of my film only require these 3 layouts plus the other from my last post; here's where they're at.

The coherence of the lighting needs to be addressed, the top image is definately too bright compared to the first (in previous blog). Also, the doorway in the second image will be brightened, though I like the contrast it creates. Lastly, the top layer of paper in the stack is different between the two bottom images, I'll fix this too.

AND, I need to put something on the newspaper to make it a newspaper. Otherwise its just a stack of paper. Which is bad. Yeah.